Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources for Diving Clubs and Communities

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and the Sport Volunteer Coalition have launched a Sport Volunteer Resource Hub, an online one-stop-shop that will help sporting organisations support and attract more volunteers.

Volunteer Resource Hub

Use the information below to help you to develop a plan to recruit, empower and celebrate your volunteers.

Setting up for Success

Find and engage new volunteers and helpers for your club or organisation.

Attracting Volunteers

Creating a great experience will help keep your volunteers coming back.

Supporting Volunteers

Make your volunteers feel valued by recognising their contribution to your club.

Celebrating Volunteers

Appoint volunteers with ease with a clear application and screening process.

Conduct an Application and Screening Process

Screening volunteers is an important step to ensure you provide a safe and fun environment for your members.

It is also important to check Diving Australia's Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy to ensure you are following the most appropriate recruitment and screening guidelines.

Screening Volunteers and Working with Children Checks

Check out the Recruitment and Screening of Staff and Volunteers in Child-Related Positions Booklet.

Use the Recruitment and Screening Checklist.

Use the Induction of New Volunteers and Staff Checklist.